Lowongan Kerja Project Suport Officer di Golden Agri

Loker Lowongan Kerja Project Suport Officer di Golden Agri

Project Support Officer ( PSO ) 1.DEFINING STAGE •Coordinate with PIM, Project Managers, Cost Control Dept and Internal & Eksternal Dept to create presentation to the Invesment Committee to introduce the project that will be developed and Preparing and Develop PDD (Project Definition Document) of a project •Set up meeting with IPM Team to define the things that related to a project such as : Project scope, Project Communication Plan between PIM and Project Managers, Project Risk, Project Structure Organization, Time Line (Schedule) of a project and WBS. 2. PLANNING STAGE Schedule & WBS ; Develop master schedule of a project with Project Managers, PIM, Contractor and Consultant , Develop Milestone Project and Critical Path , by Using Project Management Tools such as Microsoft Project and Primavera and to create WBS. Budgets ; Coordination to Estimate project budget and to develop the system of controlling project budget. Resourses & Risk ; Coordinate for the priority of project scope., Analyze a project to identify sources of risk License ; Coordinate with Legal Dept & EHFS Dept regarding the requirement of supporting documents to support legal arrangement 3. EXECUTING STAGE Time, Cost & Specification Monitoring & Updating time line (Mile stone & Critical Path) project using Excel or Project Managemet System such as Primavera and Microsoft Project, Creating scope changes , Coordinate with Cost Control Dept to control the amount of budget especially remaining packet, Coordinate with Consultant & Contractor on site to release documentation of project progress. Documentation ; Creating PR (Purchase Request) & Tracking PR (asking procurement the status of PR) until Procurement Dept release PO (Purchase Order)., Routing RAP (Rencana Anggaran Biaya)., Status of Budget (need PTA or not)., Update the status of approval PTA and SC. Creating MoM on every coordination meeting , Dashboard Report to the management , IC Report to the Investment Commitee. Coordination ; with PIM & Project Managers to make sure that the project running well based on IPM Project. Prepare and set up meeting coordination with contractor, consultant, project managers and PIM regarding the progress of project. Coordinate regarding supporting documents that need to be supported on invoice. Coordinate with Project Manager Construction & Design regarding IKDL that appear on site especially any supporting documents for IKDL (Form IKDL, Cronologies, BoQ and Drawing). Monitoring , Monitoring and Updating status of IKDL to IPM Structure Organization and updating any scope changes that appear on a project. 4. CLOSING STAGE – Delivering the project products to the customers with creating BAST between Project Dept and Related Dept. – Set up project closing meeting with IPM Project team to update any achievement , obstacle, lesson learned and performance team that appear on project. & Set up and transferring Documents (As – Built Drawing) to related dept as a final documentation.

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