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Lowongan kerja PT Maxicount Indonesia Sales Executive.

We are PT. Maxicount Indonesia as a recruitment consultant from PT.  Sejahtera Murni Lestari (RubyH) is looking for a Sales Executive

About Ruby.H (PT. Sejahtera Murti Lestari)

    Ruby.H (PT. Sejahtera Murti Lestari) is an Indonesian software house focused in delivering high quality software solutions for their clients’ technological problem. We offer consultation services and technical solutions such as developing websites, mobile apps, ecommerce solution, and ERP. Our clients come from various industries such as banking, finance, retail and sales, and manufacturing. Some of our clients are DBS, Midtrans, Akseleran, Ace Hardware, Belsbee, Gramedia, Allianz, and Paris Van Java. After 4 years we are now expanding our business by developing a new product; inventory management system. We would like to keep delivering high quality services and helping Indonesian businesses to become more efficient and effective through our new product.

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