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Tokoencit is a fabric company. We provide a supply of high-quality material for fashion. We love to collaborate with designers to create beautiful fabrics, limited-edition collections. Our mission is to help designers to do creation, by delivering fabric customization and consultation. Located at Bandung, Indonesia Tokoencit’s showroom is currently held over 2000 fabric samples, ready to be transformed into beautiful pieces.


Tokoencit adalah sebuah perusahaan kain. Kami menyediakan suplai material kualitas tinggi untuk bidang fashion. Kami berkolaborasi dengan para desainer untuk membuat kain, limited-edition collections. Misi perusahaan kami adalah untuk membantu para desainer berkarya, dengan cara menyediakan jasa custom dan konsultasi kain. Berlokasi di Bandung, Indonesia, Tokoencit sudah memiliki 2000 sampel kain yang siap diolah menjadi barang jadi pilihanmu! 


We are looking for a Creative Retail Visual Merchandiser to increase sales, get buyer’s attention and to provide an excellent in-store experience.

The goal is to use visual merchandising to convert window shoppers into prospects, drive branding and sales objectives and maximize profitability.


  • Define, design and implement a creative visual merchandising strategy
  • Create appealing and eye-catching visual displays that lead the customer through the entire store
  • Produce window displays, signs, interior displays, floor plans, and special promotions displays
  • Change displays to promote new product launches and reflect festive or seasonal themes
  • Research lifestyle, demographics and design trends

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